Distribution Center Processing

See the DC from high... and see the productivity go high!

  • Digital Birds Eye view
  • Drill down of all DC activity
  • DC productivity reporting
  • Track lift operators, tuggers, receivers, carts, tubs

We can integrate Receiving, Put away, Picking, Tugging

  • Bar code carton label printing
  • Receiving Logs
  • Use RF handheld scanners to offload shipments
  • Cross docking of items received
  • Put away transfers
  • Suggested Bin location put away
  • Serial number assignment and movement tracking

Truck Deliveries

  • Scheduling of truck deliveries based on predefined truck capacities, zip codes, days of week
  • Delivery charge by zip code
  • Interfaces to logistic truck routing packages: Dispatch Track, Route view
  • Truck delivery manifests
  • Truck Loading by RF scanner